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Annual Kinship Fair

With the state fair season in full swing, everybody is excited to go down to Dallas and get themselves the turkey leg and funnel cake they’ve been craving all year; attracting a little under 2.5 million people in 2016 the state fair is one of the nation’s most well known and visited fairs. Although many people might not know it, Denton has it’s own special fair that brings joy to a special group of families who have past experience in the foster system.  

Known as the Kinship Fair, this Denton secret was first established 12 years ago and is continued to be put on to celebrate the friends and families that take in children to keep them from going into the foster system. It should be noted however, that  unlike foster homes, these friends and relatives are not eligible for the same monthly financial assistance that some individuals and organizations receive, which is one of the reasons for the organization of the fair.  

A collaborative effort between the TWU Social Work Department, Denton’s Court Appointed Special Advocate for Kids, the Greater Denton County Young Lawyers Association, and other organizations in Denton that seek to improve the lives of other individuals through community service.  

Denton’s CASA, a main organizer of the Kinship Fair, said “this annual event to benefit families and friends that generously make room in their homes and lives so that children may avoid foster care” was originally created because they identified a need for assistance and the Kinship Fair was born.  

Students interested in supporting this type of event should be aware that there is an upcoming event on November 3, known as National Adoption Day at the Denton courthouse. This event is to celebrate the children that get adopted into new homes, we set up games and pass out toys for them to take home with them. 


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