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Muffin Muggin’

College cooking is difficult in small spaces, The Lasso shares a recipe for baking sans oven and stove

By: Amanda Clark, Page Editor

Living in the dorms can leave you limited when it comes to cooking and baking, but what most people don’t know are there are some quick and easy options with the help of a microwave and a mug. One of my favorite quick breakfast eats or on-the-go snacks is the “mug muffin.” That’s right—you can make a muffin in a mug. In fact, by just investing in a few ingredients you can make mug muffins for the rest of the semester, if not the entire year.

Go out and buy a bag of flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and vanilla extract. These ingredients should last you for several mug muffins. What you’ll have to replenish on a semi-regular basis is milk, eggs, and the addition of fruit (banana, apple or my personal favorite: pumpkin puree). For those chocolate lovers out there, I always encourage investing in a bag of semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips.

For those of you who have food allergies, ingredients can be easily interchanged, trading flour out with almond or coconut flour for those with grain or gluten allergies. In addition, milk can be substituted with almond or soy milk.

Below is the recipe to follow:

½ mashed banana (substitute ½ mashed apple or 2 tbsp. of pumpkin puree)

2 tbsp. of flour (substitute coconut or almond flour)

1 egg

1-2 tbsp. of milk (substitute almond or soy milk)

½ tsp. of vanilla

¼ tsp. of baking soda

¼ tsp. of salt

¼ tsp. of cinnamon

Again, if you’re craving some chocolate, don’t hesitate to mix a couple of chips in. When I make a pumpkin mug muffin, I also add in some nutmeg, cloves and ginger to the mixture.

After you thoroughly mix the ingredients in the mug, making sure no extra flour is stuck to the sides of the mug, pop it in the microwave and “bake” for two minutes. Sometimes you can decrease or increase the amount of time depending on the power of the microwave and size of your mug. And that’s all it takes… unless you want to drizzle some maple syrup or honey on top.

Once muffin has “baked” you can easily turn the mug upside down and place the muffin on a plate to eat, or you can simply enjoy from the mug.

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