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TWU accounting student completes internship at Goldman Sachs

Senior accounting major Mia Dovalina completed an internal audit internship with Goldman Sachs. With a 1.5% acceptance rate and over 230,000 applicants, the internship is very competitive, according to CNBC.

The Goldman Sachs’ website describes the internal audit program as “[maintaining] effective controls by assessing the reliability of financial reports, monitoring the firm’s compliance with laws and regulations, and advising management on developing smart control solutions.”

“Goldman Sachs is an investment firm, and they have a bunch of different divisions,” Dovalina said. “The well-known ones are like asset management, investment banking, all of their revenue generating divisions, and internal audit will go and they’ll audit each one of those divisions to make sure that their internal controls are operating effectively. And that way, there are no major risks for the company.”

Dovalina said that interning at Goldman Sachs’ internal audit program gave her real work experience. 

“Goldman Sachs, they’re really focused on their work culture,” Dovalina said. “So they actually really encouraged me to set up like catch-up meetings with different people that work there, that way I was able to build my network and get to know different people in every single division.”

One of the hardest things that Dovalina has had to do while interning there was introducing herself to new people and asking for help on things that she was struggling with. Dovalina said that she is a shy person and that it is hard for her to put herself out there.

“What kept me motivated was the fact that I wanted to have the chance to work at that company for a really long time,” Dovalina said. “I wanted to put my best foot forward and show them, you know, that I was really trying and that I wanted a position in that company.”

Dovalina said that the internship showed her that all of the hard work she put in at Texas Woman’s University paid off. Additionally, Goldman Sachs offered her a job after she graduates from TWU. 

“I’m very grateful for this opportunity, of course,” Dovalina said. “I feel like, you know, a lot of people say it’s harder to find a job out of college. So actually, having this internship experience alone is already something that would aid me in my career search. But the fact that they have those opportunities where they may give you a return offer, I think that that’s something that’s really important for college students because it can be hard to find a job.” 

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