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Students’ Advisory Committee for Technology Seeks to Help Students

Heather Hines, Reporter

TWU’s Students’ Advisory Committee for Technology will host multiple student information sessions Nov. 9-13 in Denton, Houston and Dallas to help students better understand the free resources available to them through TWU.

Listed below are the times, dates and places where the Student’s ACT will have tables set up with information, simple trivia, prizes and free concessions at certain events for students with questions.

TechTables GRAPHIC

Katie Kellett the Committee chair, a senior sociology and government major explains: “The tables are focused on students. Most students don’t know the depth of our services. We want students to use them, that’s what we are here for.”

The members of this year’s Students’ ACT are composed of graduate and undergraduate students from all three of TWU’s campuses. According to TWU’s Students’ ACT webpage they are to “review and prioritize project proposals relating to student technology services and create recommended proposals for consideration by the Chief information officer,” they also create proposals and suggest amendments about existing student services when they feel a need to, they are also in charge of collecting students opinions on student technology services.

Kellett shares: “It’s free and everybody wins. We just want to talk to students.”

They function to improve technology services for students and educate students on the free services available to them, encouraging them to take advantage of what students are already paying for.

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