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Spooky dorm snacks that smack

The holiday season is a time for treats – Halloween especially. But living in a residence hall on a college student’s budget can make baking difficult – so here are some ideas for easy snacks you can make in a dorm.

Of course, for someone looking for something low effort, there’s always bags of Halloween candy for sale pretty much anywhere that sells groceries. For people on an even tighter budget, Halloween candy should start going on sale the day immediately after the holiday.

For those seeking something above and beyond just leftover Halloween candy, though, a pumpkin mug cake might be just the thing for cooking in a dorm. Of course, mug cakes are still cakes and require all the same ingredients of a normal cake – unless you forego most of the baking in favor of mug cake mix, which can often be found on baking aisles with other cake mixes. Most mixes only require some water or milk and a mug.

For something more explicitly Halloween-themed, there’s always Halloween trash – a mix of white chocolate and whatever chips or candy you want to add. Just mix together the snacks of your choice, melt some white chocolate over them and stir it in thoroughly, and let it cool for a cheap and easy Halloween treat. If you’ve got too much candy after your trick-or-treating, this is a dessert you can make that won’t disappoint.

Of course, Halloween trash still calls for multiple ingredients – if you’re looking for something even simpler, you could forget the extra candy altogether and just melt some chocolate to make chocolate-covered pretzels.

In a less Halloween-themed but still tasty vein, you might want to give microwave s’mores a try while you’re getting proficient at cooking with just your microwave. You prepare the s’mores exactly like you would anywhere else – with a graham cracker, chocolate and a marshmallow – put it in the microwave and heat it until it’s cooked to your satisfaction. Then just pull it out and place your other graham cracker, and viola: dorm room s’mores!

And of course, nothing goes better with autumn treats than apple cider – chances are you can’t make this cheaply or easily in a dorm room, but you can usually find some at a pretty decent price wherever you buy your groceries.

Whatever treats you choose to make for the holidays, enjoy – and have a very happy Halloween!

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Featured image by Katelyn Garst

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