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Netflix: What the Binge


It is a Friday night and you don’t have classes, most of your friends aren’t around because it is TWU, and people leave for the weekend apparently. 

I, like many other TWU students, often find myself in this situation, and like most TWU students, my first go-to source of entertainment to distract me from the existential angst is Netflix.  

With upwards of 5,000 shows and movies to choose from, the Netflix library offers diverse and vast options to choose from; from movies and shows to documentaries, the options can seem endless. Although not all of the choices on Netflix are worthy of watching, much less worthy of binging, there are numerous shows in ranging genres that offer exceptional entertainment.  

When thinking about my favorite show to binge watch, there were many that came to mind: “House of Cards, Grey’s Anatomy, Stranger Things.” However, only one show has withstood the test of time for me, and it is “How I Met Your Mother.  

“How I Met Your Mother,”  for those who are unaware, is a nine season show that chronicles the story of how “Ted,” one of the main characters of the show, met his wife. The show offers a wide range of themes and elicits an even wider range of emotions.  

With stories touching on hardships, friendships, dating and marriage and self-discovery, “How I Met Your Mother  is a show that is timeless and will surely keep you coming back for more. I should know—I’m watching it again for the fourth time.   




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