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Local Haunted Houses

Check out five favorite Haunted Houses 2015

(Graphic by Chuck Greenslade)
(Graphic by Chuck Greenslade)

Emily Nickles, Page Editor

It’s finally fall, and though the cool weather hasn’t caught up to match the mood, the rest of North Texas is preparing for the upcoming holiday season. You guessed it—Halloween. Imagining ghouls, goblins, witches and demons is only part of the fun, but the following productions bring the fiction into a terrifying reality:

Dark Path Haunt

Welcome to the Goatman’s Bridge, where a story of haunting is intertwined with the history of Denton. Located off of Old Alton Rd., Dark Path Haunt productions take parties through a tour of the forest and over Old Alton Bridge—the source of supposed hauntings. According to the Dark Path Haunt website, the tour is based on the story of a black man who brought his family to Alton in the early 1900s and settled there on his goat farm. As legend tells, the man became successful, but the city government officials and neighbors were not keen on the success of a black man. They in turn, took him and his family on a night in 1938 and lynched them off the bridge, where a sign used to stand saying “This Way to the Goat Man.” Other accounts of hauntings and spirits are abundant in the woods that way and rumors of cult rituals. The tour may yield to be an interesting twist on the Halloween tradition. Tickets are $20, and just under 15 miles from campus.

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Parker House

Moving passed the fantastical, Parker House brings a real life story of death and murders into the light of entertainment. Located on W. University Dr., the haunted house is in the perfect location for students to visit when looking for a scare this holiday. The House is said to have been a family-owned mortuary, one of the first to take the place of wakes being held in individual homes. According to the website, the Parker mortuary was cared for by husband, wife and daughter Mary. In an unfortunate accident, the husband and wife were killed—leaving Mary to care for a small business being outrun by bigger funeral homes. The website states that Mary began selling the deceased’s organs on the black market and began creating her own victims when she longer had enough bodies. And so the story goes that the Parker House represents these horrible event. Tickets cost $23.

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Moxley Manor Haunted House

The Moxley Manor Haunted House has the most student friendly admission within twenty miles of Denton at $17 per ticket. Moxley Manor is located in Bedford, TX which is south of Denton when taking Route 380. The Manor haunting is a reenactment of another local story, the true manor said to be located in Dallas. With the themes of inheritance, squander, love affairs and murder, the story is filled with juicy, but gory details that has the potential to make hearts beat faster.

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Dan’s Haunted House

Dan’s Haunted House promises to be a unique spin on the American holiday using a “Japanese cultural and folklore” perspective. Each year, Dan’s Haunted House puts on a different theme. According to the media release, this year features “Little Yuki’s Nightmare” where guests follow the night terrors of Yuki who dreams up visions of demons, samurais and ghosts from Japanese legends. Dan’s promises a break from the stereotypical clown, chainsaw, and zombie themed Halloween. Ticket prices are $20, the haunted house is located in Lake Dallas off of Swisher Rd. with easy access from I-35.

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Theatre of Carnage Haunted House

This unique haunted house is actually located in the mysterious haunted building depicted in their origin story. The building is a theatre and, according to their website, what was once called the Majestic Theater. The theater was the source of a tragic accident, where a building of moviegoers and ushers were burned alive and whose ghosts haunt the building now. The Haunted House immerses people through an interactive series of sets meant to engage guests or “stars” with characters they see in their favorite horror movies. The Theatre of Carnage is located off of Main St. in Lake Dallas. Admission is $20, but a coupon offered through their website takes $2 off the admission price and is valid through the last production day.

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