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A horror flick you shouldn’t miss: It Follows


When it comes to movies, I am more of a sci-fi, multiple dimension, psychological thriller kind of guy. The horror movie genre is such a rarity for me that I could easily say a year could go by without one playing on my TV or laptop. Having said that, I did watch one a few months ago that has stuck with me, and I think it deserves to be talked about. 

Which movie? 

It Follows” is directed by David Robert Mitchell, who’s not too well known yet for his movie directing skills as he is his writing. Besides “It Follows,” Mitchell has only directed two other completed movies, “The Myth of the American Sleepover” and “Virgin.”  

The plot. 

“It Follows” is a story about a female teenager named Annie, who’s played by Bailey Spry. After Annie has a sexual encounter, she is followed by a supernatural creature the entire cast simply refers to as “it.” After her close friends finally believe that this “it” is following her, they embark on a mission to somehow kill or get rid of the creature. 


Why I liked it. 

First off, the film didn’t try to be scary by being gory or overly suspenseful. There weren’t those scenes of a guy or girl standing in front of a mirror with the creepy “Friday the Thirteenth” music playing. With mellow indie music by composer Disasterpeace, the soundtrack to this movie, I think is really what gave it the creeps.  


Where you can watch it 

 There’s good news for those of you who have a Netflix account, because it’s available for free there. For those of you who don’t and can’t find a friend you can convince to watch it using theirs, you can always rent it online through YouTubeAmazonVUDUGoogle Play or at a nearby Redbox. 

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