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Halloween for homebodies: Chilling ideas for an introvert’s night in

Hallow’s Eve can cause anxiety for homebodies like myself who would rather stay in with a warm drink and furry friends instead of going out. If shambling the streets with the living dead isn’t your idea of a good time, here are a few ideas for your inner introvert on Halloween night:

1. Make and bake some sweet treats

With the temperatures finally falling, this haunted holiday calls for homemade apple cider. A personal favorite of mine is slow-cooker cider that, if you start in the morning, is ready by dinner and leaves your home smelling amazing. I also love cobweb brownies, caramel apples and dirt cakes that are relatively quick and simple, so you won’t feel like you spent too much time on a treat for yourself.

2. Sketch trick-or-treaters from your window

Not to sound creepy, but for creatives out there who want to practice something other than witchcraft, try to sketch trick-or-treaters from your window. Practice makes permanent, so taking time to pencil in a couple costumes is the perfect way for an introvert to hone in on their sketching skills.

3. Write hallowed haikus

Introverts aren’t always visually creative, so here’s one for the bibliophiles and literature lovers. A haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that is composed of three unrhymed lines of five, seven and five syllables. There are examples online, but feel free to post your own and tag us if your inner introvert keeps you cooped up for the evening.

4. Hunker down for Halloween flicks

For the intense introvert that doesn’t even want to bother hosting trick-or-treaters, buy some candy and popcorn for yourself, and settle down in front of the TV to watch a movie or show. (Furry friends who guard against jump scares are a plus.) Whether you are into horror, spooks or Halloween classics, there are plenty of different options that will tickle your fancy. If you need some inspo, check out the recommendations from our editor-in-chief Amber Gaudet on page five!

5. Play a spooky podcast or playlist

To get in the Halloween spirit, pick out a playlist or podcast while you are decorating, baking or reading a book. My personal favorite podcast is “Ologies,” which has a ton of great spooky information to quench creepy curiosities. If that isn’t your jam, there are plenty of playlists to pick from on Spotify or YouTube.

6. Boycott the holiday altogether

If this holiday just gives you the heebie-jeebies, just skip town and go on an adventure of your own. If you like to spend your time in nature or just want to experience another culture, take a quick trip over the weekend to explore a place you haven’t been that isn’t crawling with witches and mummies. 

Hope these ideas can make your Halloween a happy one!

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Featured image by Angelica Monsour

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