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All-gender bathrooms needed

Texas Woman’s University has been blazing a trail for the underdogs since its conception.

First, in 1901, it was white women, then women of color in the mid-1960s and eventually even men in the early 70’s. So why is it now, in 2017, that TWU has gone from blazing trails to following the leader? 

The topic I am referencing to is that of our Transgender and Gender-nonconforming population here at TWU.

As a school, we have always rallied behind the minorities, but this group has seen less than desirable support for what most would call a basic human right. We have all heard people talking about it, large companies such as Target are under fire for actually doing something about it — yes, I am talking about bathrooms.

On campus, we currently have several “Unisex” restrooms, and one or two “Family” restrooms, but to find the one “All-Gender” restroom you must know where to look. It is hidden away, not by their fault, in the counseling office in West Jones Hall where only the select few get to use it because of lack of knowledge, inconvenience or embarrassment. What kind of message does that send to our students who do not fall into the typical “male” or “female” categories? That we do not support them, care for their health (because holding your pee all day long is a proven
health risk) or want to see them prosper here.

In the next few years, we are expecting a new student union to be built. I am proposing that we incorporate All-Gender restrooms into the plans so that all of our students feel comfortable and supported in their school environments. These will be single stall bathrooms with all the privacy one could want. There will be no fear of harassment or embarrassment, only a private, clean place to pee.

It is time for Texas Woman’s University to stop allowing others to lead us and start leading ourselves. We are the pioneers, it is time we start acting like it.

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