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Free speech area attracts religious group

February 13th, a group of 12 men between the ages of 18-50 years old gathered in the free speech area next to the student union on TWU Denton campus. The men do not go to Texas Woman’s University and wouldn’t say if they were students elsewhere when asked.

Their message was religious and loud,  and each man was equipped with a hip speaker and mic. The eldest member was standing on a vent, reading from Genesis, while the rest stood on the grass handing out flyers and asking passersby “If they’d found Jesus.”

The group identified themselves as part of the Christian faith but would not specify which church or denomination. The speaker used citations from Genesis to fuel political messages about gender identity and sexual orientation. When passers ignored them completely, one called out “Your day of judgement is coming!”

No crowd had gathered from 6 to 8 P.M., although a girl standing close by was singing opera, seemingly unperturbed by the group. They were resistant to answering questions, and, in fact, when asked a question, they often answered with another question related to their message. A video of the group can be found here.

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