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Fall Intramural sports keep students active

Johnna Headley, Reporter

TWU students enjoy an intense game of intramural dodgeball.
TWU students enjoy an intense game of intramural dodgeball.

As a part of the TWU Fitness and Recreation program, students, staff and faculty have the opportunity to stay fit by participating in intramural sports, open rec gym and the Outdoor National Championship.

In an interview, Recreation Supervisor, Gabe Cruz said: “Intramural sports give students the opportunity to relieve stress that the academic side of school brings, for those people who played competitive sports in high school to be competitive with their peers at TWU and be able to enjoy the competition or the sport that they love.” When Cruz arrived at TWU, the only all men’s intramural team was basketball. He says: “I made an emphasis this school year to make more gender specific leagues and actually our all men’s soccer league made this year and I am looking to make more males on campus aware that we have these leagues with the potential opportunity of having all men’s teams.”

The next few weeks will be action packed for the intramural teams. Currently soccer and flag football intramural teams are competing and will have playoffs and championship games next week, with an All-Star game scheduled for the following week. There will be a dodgeball tournament on Monday Oct. 12th and a softball tournament on Friday, Oct. 16th. Sign-ups for volleyball, basketball, and battleship are currently open and games will start within the next month.

Co-ed Soccer players concentrate during a recent intramural soccer match.
Co-ed Soccer players concentrate during a recent intramural soccer match.

Whether students are interested in intramural sports or would like to join a pick-up game, the opportunities the open rec gym provides students with are healthy and fun ways to stay fit. Every day of the week there are different sports available from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. On Sundays and Wednesdays volleyball has a popular attendance for open rec, on Mondays students can play dodgeball, on Tuesdays the open rec gym plays host for soccer and on Thursday the week wraps up with indoor hockey.

To implement the Outdoor National Championship with the intramural sports the Fit & Rec center brings outdoor games to the intramural fields for the players who are waiting in between games and the fans to participate and be able to log their hours to help our university to move up in the ranks. Currently TWU is in 3rd place of 57 other schools and can potentially move up in the ranks over the final two weeks of the competition.

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