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Don’t you dare Thanksgiving detox

After a holiday like Thanksgiving, feasters often feel like they owe their bodies an apology and fall for false detox campaigns that health “experts” make their Christmas bonuses off of. These rip-offs run rampant among college students, especially.

The truth of the matter is, those considering dieting after Thanksgiving dinner either already needed to lose a few pounds before the four-servings-worth of stuffing, or they are listening to those starvation solicitors without proper information. Here are a few reasons why a Thanksgiving detox is dangerous, useless and just downright disrespectful.

I am a huge proponent for intuitive eating and listening to what the body actually wants to eat (but remember that body and mind are not interchangeable). Carbs are not cruel, and I promise. An easy method to follow is (1) moderation and (2) add veggies. But health is a lifestyle, and not just a two-step detox.

Food is not the only aspect of a healthy lifestyle, either. As college students, we all are guilty of not getting enough sleep, paying attention to mental health or making time for physical activity. Thanksgiving is right before finals, which means crunch time and late-night study sessions. Stress may be uncontrollable, but it is not unconfrontable. Weight loss and health both take conscious decisions to sleep more, manage stress and make time for physical activity. These conscious decisions all come with an opportunity cost.

Health and wellness should not come at the expense of enjoying the holiday for what it is. Thanksgiving is for thankfulness with family and/or friends. Worrying about the weight that the meal might bring ruins the meaning and the meal. Eat whatever and add veggies for a happy and healthy holiday.

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