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Denton community participates in National Night Out

Community and Law enforcement build camaraderie 
Community and Law enforcement build camaraderie

Johnna Headley, Reporter

What is National Night Out?

National Night Out Against Crime is a product of the National Association of Town Watch, a non-profit organization set up to create safer neighborhoods across the nation. Along with 16,123 other communities from 50 states across the nation, the City of Denton and the Denton Police Department will participate in the annual National Night Out program this fall.

National Night Out is a great opportunity for the Denton community, neighborhoods, homeowner’s associations and citizen groups to socialize with each other and get to know the Denton police officers and emergency personnel as well as ask questions about neighborhood safety and crime prevention.

Some neighborhoods in Denton will be throwing block parties and having barbecues, while other neighborhoods will simply leave their front porch light on to show their support.

When will National Night Out take place and how does it affect me?

National Night Out will be held Thursday Oct. 6. National Night Out is set up to encourage unity between Denton communities, for neighbors to get to know each other and their local law enforcement and emergency personnel.

According to a newsletter on the National Association of Town Watch, Matt Peskin, National Project Coordinator shared: “NNO 2014 was a powerful display of police-community partnerships. When law enforcement and the community work closely together, some amazing things can happen.”

Through getting to know your neighbors and law enforcement, your community can become better places to live and you can impact Denton in the best way possible. On Oct. 6, walk down the street to a block party near you and make new friends outside of the TWU community.

For more information visit the National Night Out Against Crime website

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