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For Chavez, Soccer builds character

dsc_0106Lasso: How were you introduced to soccer?

Chavez: [My dad] made a team for me when I was three years old, and I played with nobody but boys. I’ve been playing for about nineteen years.

Lasso: What is it like to play soccer with your sister Lucero at the collegiate level?

Chavez: Interesting! I’m like, ‘Is she doing good?’ ‘Am I doing good?’ ‘Can I really yell at her if I’m not doing good?’ I hold her to a higher standard than anybody else. Ultimately it’s fun; we’re best friends. We spend every waking second together. I love it.

Lasso: How does it feel to look back on your undergraduate accomplishments? 

Chavez: I always want more. For example, making the Chancellor’s list is something that I want to do again this year. Another big thing with the team is…making it into the NCAA tournament, which is something TWU has never done. We’re taking it game by game, but we…want to make history here this year. It’s my last year, so I have to do it!

Lasso: What advice do you have for young athletes who are struggling to find a balance between footwork and homework? 

Chavez: Know that you’re going to have to put the time in. You’re going to have to get up and practice every morning, so in the evening, that’s your time to get your schoolwork done. Your free time is not really free time, it’s school time.

Lasso: What goals do you have after graduation, and how do you plan to incorporate athletics into your business career? 

Chavez: I definitely want to get accepted into some sort of business graduate program. I was thinking…a Human Resource masters or an MBA. I want to be a graduate assistant. I have always thought of potentially working in administrative purposes. Sports has just made me very goal-oriented…focused, and disciplined. Whatever I want to achieve…I’m going to work really hard to make it happen and it’s all because of soccer.

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