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Backyard on Bell

It is Friday night and you are looking for somewhere to go and have some fun. The question is where do you go when you are a broke college student who also has some assignments you really need to do? 

Going out can be hard for any student because of the money issue and a limited amount of time before they have to hit the books again. However, everyone needs a good study break to make some great memories with friends that do not involve textbooks or whiteboards full of scrawled study notes. A great option for a hangout place is Backyard on Bell. A quirky little restaurant just down the street from TWU, Backyard on Bell is the perfect place for students to hang out at any day of the week. 

Backyard on Bell is located right off of Bell street, which is incredibly convenient for TWU students. Just a skip and a hop away, Backyard on Bell is a very short distance away from campus, so students do not even have to find a ride to get there. It is a very manageable walk to the restaurant, which makes it an easy and convenient place to hang out at when working with limited resources.

Backyard on Bell is a unique restaurant with a fun vibe perfect for a casual hang out. There is a full service bar inside and a large “backyard” with multiple food trucks to choose from. The actual Backyard on Bell restaurant is known for its delicious pizzas made from scratch. It is a thriving food truck scene according to the Backyard on Bell website, so there is always a new option to choose from. If you cannot decide what you want to eat, but want to go out, Backyard on Bell is the ideal place to be. 

Not only does Backyard on Bell have great food options, but it also has a fantastic atmosphere that college students are bound to love. There are picnic tables scattered around the “backyard” with a plethora of backyard games to choose from, including a giant version of Connect 4. While you eat, you can start up a game of cornhole as well. Backyard on Bell is a very fun place to take a break, eat and forget about the stress of college for a little while with some board games. 

Backyard on Bell also features live music both local and nationwide. Bands come and play live music every week, so be sure to make it out there to hear some great tunes and relax. There is a stage in the backyard area of the restaurant that is centrally located so that is easy to see the band while they are playing no matter where you are sitting. The Backyard on Bell Block Party is coming up on Nov. 17-18 with many bands playing for two full days, so do not miss out on it.

Backyard on Bell is an awesome place to go for college students at TWU any day of the week. Be sure to go check it out any time you can.   

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