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TIPA 2016 Awards

Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA) is the largest and oldest state collegiate press association in The United States. Each year the association recognizes top work in several categories for published and on-site pieces. 

Below is a list of awards The Lasso received for the 2016 – 2017 academic year.

Honorable Mention for Photo Illustration – Tabitha Gray

“Students Fear Their Peers”









Honorable Mention for News Photo – Emily Nickles

“TWU students say love trumps hate at Tuesday campus rally”










Honorable Mention for Literary Magazine Cover Design – Leah Moore 

TWU Daedalian 2015-2016

Literary Magazine Overall Excellence – Daedallian 2016

[pdf issuu_pdf_id=”170412201014-19aecbf1e08340aa9da5b15e39d404fb” width=”640″ height=”480″ layout=”2″ bgcolor=”FFFFFF” allow_full_screen_=”1″ show_flip_buttons=”1″ flip_timelaps=”6000″ ]


Third Place in Critical Review –  – Kyndal Colon

“Overwatch:” Consolidation with representation

“Overwatch” is a team-based, first-person shooter game that’s set on a futuristic Earth and stars heroes of many nationalities, ethnicities, sexualities and body-types. Not only do our heroes battle in far-flung locales, including places like England, Egypt, China and Nepal, the heroes themselves hail from all over the globe…[Read More]

Honorable Mention for Sports Feature – Johnna Headley

Noel twins begin college volleyball careers

Twins, Courtney and Caroline Noel have been playing volleyball together since middle school, now as first-years at TWU, their adventure continues with the college experience…[Read More]


Honorable Mention for Feature Writing – Morgan Villavaso

After giving his all for his country, McGuffin Gives back to his community

When Sophomore General Studies major Cameron McGuffin entered Navy boot camp in Feb. 2010, he “had no understanding of medicine further than Grey’s Anatomy.” Not long after enlisting, he would find himself working fifteen months in an emergency room and later becoming responsible for the healthcare of roughly 50 United States Marines…[Read More]

Honorable Mention for Information Graphic – Marco Turrubiates 



Honorable Mention for Illustration (Non-Photo) – Kyra Marshall

ChristmasAngelGraphic copy

Honorable Mention for Editorial Cartoon – Marco Turrubiates