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’90s fashion is back- for now

Fishnets, oversized denim jackets and mom jeans – ‘90s grunge fashion is back with a vengeance.

From mini backpacks to Doc Martins, nostalgic fashion ensembles are trending this season.

Whether you are talking about the move away from perfectly contoured faces to more natural looks, or the shift from crop tops to cozy oversized sweaters, one thing is certain – we are looking to the ‘90s for the comfort and the nostalgia of a simpler era.

Recycling the styles of previous eras is not a new concept. For as long as fashion has endured, so has a cycle of style reboots that has turned old fashion faux pas into hot new looks.

Some pieces, like the goes-with-everything flannel that’s a fall favorite, never truly go out of style – though tying them around your waist is one uniquely ‘90s trend making a comeback. Others, like the side-pony and big scrunchies of the early ‘90s, are decade-specific trends that are easily identifiable when they resurface in modern pop culture.

One reason new fashion might be influenced by old designs is that designers struggle to invent new concepts (there are only so many waist and ankle cuts for pants, for example).

“People might be struggling for new ideas, trying to come up with new ways to reinvent what’s been done,” said Sophia Amoruso, owner of an online vintage store, in a Newsweek article. “There’s only so much you can do, so it’s going to be interesting to see what happens over the next 20 years. How far back are we going to go?”

Trends are being recycled much more quickly than they once were, with the fashion industry seeing influences from 20 years ago, rather than 30 or 40, being made popular again.

But even if you are not a fan of ‘90s fashion, don’t worry; we will likely be looking to a different decade for inspiration before this one is over.

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