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35 Denton festival

Unique music festival for a unique college town

Heather Hines, Reporter

Spring breakers and music connoisseurs found their way to Denton March 11-13 for the 7th annual 35 Denton Festival, a three day music festival where roughly 162 bands preformed.

35 Denton differs from most music festivals, as it is a walkable festival in which multiple bands play at different locations, mainly restaurants and bars around downtown Denton. During the second and third nights of the festival, there were also two main stages located on the square.

Attendees were lucky to have Texas’s ornery weather cooperate for the weekend. People broke out their spring fashion pieces to enjoy the moderate temperatures, free of rain, while moving between performances. While the festival took place in the afternoon and throughout the night, crowds were thickest after the sun went down. Younger festivalgoers, who made up the bulk of the crowds, were disappointed they couldn’t see certain bands preform due to their location in twenty-one-and-up bars. However, the crowd did enjoy how the festival used two main stages and multiple smaller locations. The set-up allowed people to shift between the larger concert-like atmosphere from the main stages to the calmer atmosphere at smaller venues.

Dentonites are familiar with the peaceful, but energetic ambience of downtown and, even with so many tourists, the concert still emitted the typical Denton-like feel. The music was also characteristic of Dentonites’ eclectic tastes. The bands had strange, but catchy names, there were different genres of music, and the unique instruments and rhythms all seemed to fit perfectly with the festival’s location.

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