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10 quality TikTokers to satisfy your daily time suck

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but TikTok (though it is definitely a social media platform) falls under the “Creativity” screen time category on an iPhone. This doesn’t sound dangerous until you realize that putting a time limit on social media apps doesn’t limit your daily time suck excursions. With that in mind, I’m calling you out and saying I know you spend at least 30 minutes straight on TikTok if you open the app.

I’m not a very good influence, so I’m not here to offer tips on how to kick the habit. Instead, I’ll leave you with my top ten TikTokers to provide some quality assurance for your time spent:

  1. I thought I would never get a TikTok, but @christines_snaps changed everything for me. Her messy bun was too relatable for me not to download the app and give her a follow:

Don’t let me forget about her cactus crib tour:

And last but definitely not least, some relatable content for non-TikTokers:

2. For this next recommendation, I offer a change of pace with meteorologist @wxsoph. I just love to watch people do what they do, so seeing her morning routine and how she does her job is so interesting and pleasing to watch:

Being in full glam by 4 a.m. is not the move for me, but she rocks it:

But the best part is that she is a student, too:

3. More people doing what they love with paint mixing and shaking videos by TikToker @artsyybae. I have never wanted to work in the paint department at Lowe’s or Home Depot more than after watching these satisfying videos.

The music associated with each video are also on point:

Don’t get me started on how much you’ll start to anticipate the end result in each video:

4. Let’s try something a bit different for my next recommendation. @ansonseabra has amazing music but actually gained most of his fame through TikTok:

Who doesn’t love someone with a good voice and relatable covers?

Lastly, I love how vulnerable and real his music and entire presence on the app is:

5. I will ease my way into the creative side of the app by introducing you to a group of musical TikTokers that I also love. @crimsonappleband features four sisters who make music (and some cool TikToks):

Not only do they show their musical talents, but also some of the comical moments,

and what it’s like to be in a band with your sisters:

6. Ceramicist Alexa Harding had to be on my list for her scratchy ASMR and impressive artwork from @alexajanestudios,

how she overcame corona circumstances by purchasing a budget wheel,

and how excited she was to interact with her followers:

7. Next, is the talented and hilarious character designer @auditydraws. I truly cannot begin to explain how impressive yet absurd her transformations are, so I’ll start with Bob Ross in a wedding dress:

George Washington with Constitutional tattoos was definitely impressionable for me:

But I definitely love her interactions with her sweet husband Richard and the results:

8. While we are talking about the absurd and impressive, @heyberg does incredibly accurate voice impressions of politicians – namely Donald Trump and Obama – all in good fun:

Of course, TikToks featuring Bernie and Putin are both honorable mentions:

9. Would it really be a well-rounded list without pets? Don’t think I forgot about @esperborzoi, who you may already know as “my little Russian lady.”

Action-packed with plenty of spins:

And cute fun-facts:

10. Last but certainly not least, I will leave you with @tally_thebanana, a mitred parakeet who thinks he’s a banana:

I am particularly fond of his yelling into cups,

and beak bubble-popping:

I hope that you found a TikToker you didn’t know you’d appreciate and, if nothing else, wasted your time with a smile on your face. 

Katelyn Garst can be reached at

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