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Your vote is valuable

Voting is an incredibly important matter that many people, especially students, tend to overlook. A vast number of the U.S. population only care about voting when it comes time for Presidential elections. While the presidential election is a significant time for voting, there are many other elections within local communities and government seats that are vital to how our country is run.

            The last day to register to vote before the next election is Oct. 9, so if you are not already registered, you need to act fast. Registering to vote is very simple- you can register to vote or check to see if you are registered to vote here.         

The Midterm Election is coming up Nov. 6, and there are two primary candidates for Texas running for a Senate seat. You can get to know our state candidates here. Make sure to do your research on all the candidates before heading to the voting booths. Some students may not fully understand what is being voted for in the Midterm Election, but all of the information surrounding the election, like who is running, what is being voted for and when voting happens, can be found here.

To understand what other elections occur other than the Presidential Elections and the Midterm Elections, follow this link, which explains what local elections in Texas are coming up and why they matter. Do not overlook local elections. While they may not seem as big of a deal as the Presidential Election, they are crucial to how our local government is run because those voted for in local elections are the voices of Texas.

Elections are always closer than they appear, so register to vote if you have not already and get read up on what candidates are running. Your voice, and your vote, matters.




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