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Weekly COVID-19 update: 12 isolated with confirmed cases, 34 in quarantine

Editor’s note: Isolation refers to somebody that has either been confirmed to have COVID-19 or is presumed to have COVID, while quarantine refers to anyone who has had exposure to a suspected person who either is confirmed or is presumed confirmed. 

Currently, 12 Texas Woman’s University students are in isolation and 34 are in quarantine after being exposed to the novel coronavirus. These numbers reflect the list of confirmed COVID-19 cases – which documents students and staff who have a direct on-campus connection – updated daily by TWU Risk Management.

In addition to maintaining safety protocols like social distancing, facial coverings, traffic control, sanitization, and taking attendance at any in-person events, TWU offered free COVID-19 testing last week. Available to students, faculty and staff, the testing – offered by TWU Emergency Management – was held at Pioneer Park from 9-4.

“Our numbers continue to look very good compared to other universities,” executive director of risk management Matt Moustakas said.

Despite how TWU’s COVID-19 count fares in the state and nationally to other colleges and universities, TWU spokesperson Matt Flores said he hopes students will continue upholding current safety measures to keep numbers down.

“We want to make sure that we continue to be vigilant and my understanding, from talking to some of my colleagues on campus, is that they’re pretty heartened to see that, you know, more often than not, they encounter students that are masking up inside and outside,” Flores said. “I’ve only been on campus twice in the last two weeks – or three times in the last two weeks – and I have very, very little [contact with students] – one of those days was on a Friday, so there was almost nobody there anyway – but whenever I did encounter students, pretty much across the board, they had masks on. To me, that’s a good sign and whenever you minimize the number of people who are in close proximity to one another, I think that certainly works in our favor, and I just hope that that continues.”

Spaces where TWU community members who have tested positive will be cleaned according to Centers for Disease Control guidelines, and university’s contact tracing team will reach out to anyone who may have come into close contact with an individual that has tested positive for the virus, according to TWU’s coronavirus webpage.

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