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The walking hungry, Dentonites grab a bite

Thursday, Sept. 22 will mark year two of the Denton Food Truck Fest. It will run from 4-10 p.m. across from Oak St. Drafthouse, down and around East Side social club, with some food trucks scattered down adjacent streets. The Food Truck Fest is free to get in, however, you will need money to buy food and drinks. All ages are welcome except for the trucks parked inside of East Side fencing — those will be 21 and up.

A returning food truck this year, The Famous Dumpling Bro’s, describes themselves as a truck who specializes in Korean gourmet dumplings. Dumpling brother John Kang looks forward to being back at the Food Truck Fest for another year, saying: “We just really love Denton’s Food Truck Festival. We see all the loyal faces. We get to meet them and interact with them.” The Famous Dumpling Bro’s makes it a priority to not only keep their fans updated on where the truck will be every day and when, but also interact with the many satisfied customers who leave comments of praise on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Events that showcase Denton’s local businesses are a defining part of Denton’s culture. Many Dentonites, business owners and consumers alike, make it a point to support Denton’s local businesses. Kang comments, “We would hope if you’re living in Denton or you’re going to school in Denton that you would support local Denton. Local coffee shops, local food trucks, local businesses… we want to encourage people that are in this town to support local.” As an incentive and a way of giving back, TWU students can count on a 10 percent discount at The Famous Dumpling Bro’s.

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