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TWU’s Academic Success Lecture

As the world moves deeper into the technological age, the education system is being forced to adapt and incorporate teaching technologies into the classroom; With technology being another essential tool in the educational battlefield, using technology to its potential is required to move forward and up, and with the help of the TWU Teaching and Learning with Technologies department, TWU is leading the faculty and students in their classrooms into the technological future with the Academic Success Lecture 

Originally named the eLearning Lecture, the Academic Success Lecture was created in 2006 by Teaching and Learning with Technologies to highlight leading experts in online instruction with the aim of helping teachers incorporate technology in their courses, said Allison Rogers from Teaching and Learning with Technologies. 

This year’s Academic Success lecturer will be Dr. Robbie K. Melton. Dr. Melton is a tenured professor at Tennessee State University and a lifetime advocate for education and the integration of technology in the classroom. Dr. Melton has been awarded the 2016 OLC Leadership Award, WCET Life Time Achievement, 2014 Top 30 Technologists, 2013 Apple Distinguished Educator, 2012 Top Fifty Technology Innovator; and 2012 WOW EdTechnology Award. 

Teaching and Learning with Technology Coordinator Allison Rogers encouraged “anyone who is interested in education…or who has an interest in teaching is welcome to attend. The information Dr. Melton presents can be useful to anyone going into teaching – whether that’s in K-12 or higher education.” 

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