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TWU to take students on a trip to the Mavs game

Calling all current TWU students, faculty, and staff: if you are a lover of basketball, TWU Student Life is offering a trip to the Dallas Mavericks game Friday, Feb. 8 against the Milwaukee Bucks.

For $10 a ticket, TWU will offer a shuttle to the game from campus and court-side seats for the pregame shootout. To purchase tickets, students can visit the TWU Fitness & Recreation Center’s front desk. Tickets are limited to four per person.

Stats on the teams:

 The Dallas Mavericks, better known as just the Mavs, are the home team for Dallas. Currently the team is 12th in the National Basketball Association (NBA) Western Conference. The Mavs have an expected win-lose ratio of 26-25 to rank them as 15th out of 30 teams. Wisconsin’s home team, the Bucks, are currently first  in the NBA for the Eastern Conference. The team has an expected win-lose ratio of 39-11 tp rank them as first out of 30 teams.

 Although the Bucks are ahead of the Mavs, the number of fans that come to the Mavs games is almost twice as many as the Bucks, according to the basketball reference website.

 Both teams have had their share of injuries over the years, but the Mavs have had multiple injuries this season while the Bucks have not had any. The Mavs are awaiting word on recently traded power forward Kristaps Porzingis over his ACL recovery that happened in December. More word about his recovery will be available mid-February. Point guard and shoot guard J.J. Barea is out for the season due to a torn right Achilles tendon, and the recovery should take anywhere from six to nine months.

According to Mavs Reporter Dwain Price, “That’s a devastating injury for a player that will be 35 in June and who relies on his quickness in the pick-and-roll. This timetable means he has a shot of being healthy in training camp in September, but whether or not it’s in Dallas remains to be seen for the free agent.”

Mavs Head Coach Rick Carlisle said, “It’s gut wrenching for all of us. I do think that he will be back.”  According to the official Mavs website, Carlisle hopes to see more of the pick-and-roll maestro next season.

For those wanting to see these two teams duke it out on the court, be sure to stop by the front desk at the Fit and Rec.

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