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TWU to host self protection class conducted by DPS

Texas Woman’s University will be hosting a Pioneer Protection event where TWU students will gain the knowledge and expertise in order to protect themselves from attackers on Nov. 16 at 4:30 pm.

The Pioneer Protection course will be broken into three stages: Prevention Psychology, Managing Social or Professional Physical Harassment and Assault Countermeasure. In addition to that, those present at the event will be provided with snacks and are eligible to win raffle prizes.

Pioneer Protection event will take place on Wednesday at 4:30 pm through 6:30 pm in the Guinn Commons. The event is a collaboration with Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention program and will be conducted by the TWU Department of Public Safety. 

“I think we have a very safe campus with people that help watch over us,” junior family studies student Agnes Chegwidden said. “We live in Denton, that’s a big factor. So I think it’s just good to give the students the skills in case they need it.”

While the program is offered to TWU students who live on campus, it is also offered to students who live off campus as well. Sophomore nutrition and food science major student Myesha Thomas helped assemble this program with Chegwidden and is looking forward to learning the skills that the program has to offer as a way for her to be better at protecting herself in the future.

“I hope they understand the importance of being hypervigilant and hyperaware of their surroundings at all times,” Thomas said. “ It’s getting darker a lot earlier [and] it can be more difficult to pay attention to what’s happening because you can’t exactly see.”

Just like Thomas, Chegwidden is also excited for the Pioneer Protection event to take place and hopes that this event will give TWU students the essential physical skills that they need, as well as the mental combat skills that the program has to offer.

“To be a woman in Denton in general nowadays can be really scary,” Chegwidden said. “I hope it gives them the confidence that if they’re in a dangerous situation, they’re confident enough to respond appropriately.”

Chegwidden and Thomas were both inspired to create the Pioneer Protection event when they were both training to become resident assistants. During that time, TWU DPS talked to them about how they teach self defense through the SHARP program and Chegwidden and Thomas used what they learned during the RA training to create the Pioneer Protection Event.

“I hope that they’ll understand the importance of safety measures and being prepared because it’s better to be prepared than underprepared,” Thomas said. “I hope that you never have to use the skills but know that you have them, in case you are caught in a bad situation and you have no idea what to do.”

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