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TWU seeks first ever athletics fee

An athletics fee to help aid the Texas Woman’s University athletic department is being voted on by the student body on Nov. 1.

Back in April of this year, TWU announced that they would begin the planning process for a new athletic fee. Prior to the announcement, TWU’s athletic director Sandee Mott had begun working with her team over a year ago to plan what the fee would do and how it would help the athletics departments if it is approved.

TWU has nine sports teams and one mascot program working at the Denton campus. According to Mott, the teams are working around each other in the small facilities currently on campus. The money from this new fee would go to building new locker rooms and practice buildings dedicated to each team. 

“The fee will only affect Denton campus students and will immediately assist four of our main competitive sports teams,” Mott said. 

Mott hopes to provide space for students to practice and compete as well as increase spirit, pride and morale on the teams. Mott is very adamant about how this will positively affect TWU’s community over all. 

“If this affected the student body in any negative way, I would not be fighting for it,” Mott said. 

Before the athletics fee is implemented, it must first be approved by TWU’s community. Voting to approve the fee will begin Nov. 1 and end Nov. 2. All voting will be done through Pioneer Engage starting at 8 am. Chancellor Carine Feyten believes it is vital to get the opinion of the student body, because this directly impacts them. 

“The state will not support us, so we are asking the students to help their community,” Feyten said. 

If the fee is voted to pass by the student body, TWU will then take the fee to the Texas Legislature for their approval. Upon this hypothetical approval, the athletics fee will be officially added to the total on students’ bills for the first time in the fall semester of 2023. 

Vice President of the Student Government Association Cristal Johnson said it is important to remind students that this will not affect tuition. There will be no rise in tuition cost, only an addition to other fees like the dining fee. At maximum, the athletics fee will be an additional price of $250 dollars, according to Mott’s plan. 

“I take pride in my campus, I’d like to leave my mark here,” Johnson said. “This is one way to do it. This will give back to our athletics department after they’ve given so much to make a name for the campus.” 

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