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TWU Gymnastics goes out with a bang

In preparation for the USAG Collegiate Nationals this Friday through Sunday at TWU, the gymnastics team is building up momentum to take on their competition. Together, the team is perfecting their routines and setting mental goals to bring champion attitudes, focus on precision, sell their landings, own their gymnastics and maintain team unity.

“At this point, it’s more of a mental game than a physical one,” Alyssa Kelly, senior gymnast said. Winning the mental game doesn’t start on the floor, but between their teammates. A poster plastered on the door of the gym reminds the girls, “If you are not prepared to put the team first, turn around.” With 17 girls on the team, only six make line-up for each event, but that only pushes the girls to make each other better.

“When you’re asked to be in line-up, you’re not competing for yourself; you’re competing for your team,” Erin Alderman, junior gymnast said. 

Competition is strong this year, but the seniors are ready to show their opponents up. 

“This is our home, and we’re going to defend our title,” Kelly said. Led by three-time MIC Gymnast of the Week recipients Schyler Jones and Mallory Moredock, the gymnastics team’s rank speaks enough to their talent, but the girls know that support from their fans is what really brings home the gold. 

“We have such a strong fan base and amazing support throughout the entire university,” Hunter Vincent, sophomore gymnast said. “We have so many seniors, and it’s their last time being home. It’s their last competition ever so we want to go out super strong.”

With six of their 17 gymnasts graduating, the girls look to leave it all on the floor. Catch the TWU gymnastics team at their last home meet of the season on Friday, April 13 sporting crazy socks. 

                                                             Jordan Funk / The Lasso

Junior, Erin Alderman looks to get 11th National Championship.

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