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Top programming courses online



Regardless of major, all students can benefit from basic programming skills. Understanding programming fundamentals can improve technical literacy and problem-solving skills. These online resources, and others, can streamline the process for beginners and provide a jumping off place to advance these skills.  


Free Code Camp  

“Campers” at Free Code Camp have access to nearly 800 hours of programming curriculum and certificates to prove completion of the studies. At the end of the program, students are paired with non-profit organizations to develop real-world experience and later given interview advice for their first development job.  



Codecademy’s relatively simple starting process likely makes it the most popular online platform to learn programming. The interactive platform allows students to test their knowledge and see their programs in the browser. Paid users also can access quizzes and projects to test their knowledge. 



Codewars students complete the courses by doing challenges instead of lessons. These challenges test programmer’s knowledge and problem-solving abilities. This platform is not directed towards new programming students. 



Unlike other platforms, Coursera’s coursework is from educational institutions and provides students with a more traditional classroom experience online. Students can start these courses at any level and even receive certifications. 


Khan Academy 

All students can benefit from Khan Academy in any subject. For programming knowledge, students can use the platform to brush up on concepts through video lectures, practice quizzes and interactive tutorials.  


MIT OpenCourseWare 

MIT publishes nearly all of its courses online, from video and audio lectures to class assignments. Open access, to one of the best STEM schools in the world, can teach students top skills without requiring enrollment or tuition.  


The Odin Project 

The Odin Project seeks to teach students the skills needed for both front-end and back-end web development through its project based curriculum. The platform also prepares students for the job market by helping build online portfolios and providing interview tips.  


Harvard CS50 

For those interested in a rigorous online platform, Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science course is available online for free. The program covers everything from basic programming concepts to Artificial Intelligence and includes a final project for students to complete at the end of the course.  

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