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Tease your tastebuds with tasty tostadas

For an affordable meal and a casual brunch or coffee stop before class, swing by 603 North Locust Street, only three blocks north of Denton square. Every day of the week, Loco Café opens its doors from 7 a.m.-3 p.m. Biscuits and beverages are made fresh daily, garnering attention from many local guests.

Loose tea by the cup or tea pot, fresh-squeezed juice and handmade lemonade or limeade wash a meal down well. Guests can also customize their coffee or hot tea with some of their fresh flavors like blueberry, hibiscus, caramel, spiced loco, raspberry, mint or coconut-maple.

Though Loco Café is known for their biscuits, the $6.50 Black Bean Chalupas were too tempting to pass up. An egg fried over medium compliments the lettuce, tomato, avocado and cotija cilantro dressing atop two tasty tostadas and got my morning off to a great, fresh start.

The café has a somehow contemporary, yet quaint atmosphere that makes their fresh food even better. All of the windows let in a nice natural light to add to the ambience, even on a rainy day.

Booths and tabletops welcome open seating after ordering your meal. Sit close to the coffee bar to watch coffee cubes being prepared, or find a booth near the door to enjoy company and a quality conversation.

Directions to Denton landmarks are on and around the walls, reflecting their engagement in the community. They also support local photographers and businesses, displaying Denton photography and advertisements for The Greenhouse all around the dining room walls.

Additionally, Loco Café can also host events or business meetings during weekdays. Call Desiree Wiley at 940-387-1413 for an In-Restaurant Reservation.

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