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Team chemistry Pioneer’s biggest obstacle

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This week in TWU sports, the Pioneer Soccer team went up against the University of Texas Permian Basin and Angelo State University in what ended in two very different results.   

On Friday, Oct. 6, the Pioneers dominated the field with their pace, passing and of course, their shots, which resulted in a 3-0 victory over UTPB.

The whole game was played with precision and the individual skill of the TWU players shined through; three minutes in, first-year midfielder Lexi D’Abrosca put the first score on the board with a header assisted by freshman midfielder Jazmine Navarro, 30 minutes in sophomore midfielder Maddi Nolton lined up for a successful penalty which put TWU up 2-0, and last was Sophomore forward Hannah Schneider with an impressive 25 yarder in the 80 minute for the final 3-0 lead. 

Following the significant victory over UTPB was the game against ASU. 

…The first half of the game against ASU was significantly different than the first half against UTPB. The pressure was on, and the TWU players showed it. Although TWU was the first team to put up a goal with First-year defender Allie Chapman scoring an 18-yard volley, this would be the last goal that TWU would see. What followed was a back and forth between TWU and ASU which would eventually result in ASU scoring one goal in the first half in the 37th minute, and two goals in the second half in the 60th and 77th minutes, respectively.   

However, what is most interesting is that individually the TWU team was playing swiftly and skillfully. On more than one occasion Navarro exhibited some excellent pace and footwork, going through as many as three ASU players at one point.   

This is an important point to make because it is necessary to understand that the individual players were not the problem; it is how they work as a team. However, this is to be expected so early on in the season; about half of the TWU soccer team is playing with each other for the first time, and in a sport where team chemistry is crucial, this will show on the scoreboard.    

Sophomore midfielder Margaret Torres commented on the difficulty of getting to know the 13 newcomers and implementing them into the team chemistry that existed before. Even though the “the team has more technique this season…we haven’t been very effective on finishing games with [a victory],” said Torres.   

However, the Pioneer soccer team has faith that the season will turn around. The skill is there and the team chemistry is building. It is only a matter of time before the hard work pays off, and as a TWU student or staff you are going to want to be there to see the ball hitting the back of the net during a TWU victory.    

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