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Taking CARE of TWU commuters

According to its website, Texas Woman’s University is home to a large percentage of commuter students. In fact, over three-fourths of those who attend TWU are commuters. For this reason, TWU offers many helpful tools and amenities for its commuters. These resources can range from shuttles to care stations around campus to extra parking lots designated for commuter students only. All in all, TWU has designed itself in such a way as to tend to such a prominent student population on the Denton campus. One of the major ways that TWU cares for its commuter students, as well as non-traditional students, is in the form of the Commuter Break events frequently held across campus.

The Campus Alliance for Resource Education office can provide students with information on local public transportation services such as carpooling, bus schedules and parking. The CARE office can also provide off-campus housing materials, family services like childcare and after school resources, lactation information, a holiday gift program and non-traditional student information on student organizations.

A recent example of one of these Commuter Breaks took place Wednesday, Jan. 23, from 4:30 to 6:00 pm. This event took place on TWU’s Denton campus in the Multipurpose Classroom and Laboratory building, or MCL, on the edge of campus. At this event, the CARE office hosted a station in the MCL in order to share their services, answer any questions that commuters may have and provide snacks for those with evening classes. These booths were set up on the first floor of the MCL before getting to the elevators.

The next Commuter Break will take place Tuesday, Apr. 9 from 4:30 to 6:00 pm on TWU’s Denton campus in the MCL building, as well. This event will be held in the same style as the aforementioned event with advice, snacks and answers to questions.

These events are hosted by the CARE office, which is an organization at Texas Woman’s University created specifically to serve the commuting and non-traditional students that attend TWU. Examples of non-traditional students include veterans, students with children, adult learners and students who are adopted or students who have aged out of foster care.

The main goal for the CARE office and the Commuter Break events held around campus is to support the success of TWU’s commuter and non-traditional students. From offering leadership opportunities through student organizations to commuters and non-traditional students to putting on both social and informational programs that benefit the aforementioned groups, the CARE office plays a significant role in the lives of many of TWU students.

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