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TWU Dallas’ Cup of Tea

Classes are starting back up, and students and professors alike are in the process of learning about each other. Professors are learning names, and students are learning teaching styles, but many students forget that their professors are real human beings with real lives outside of the classroom.             On Monday, Aug

Dallas Observer Debunked

Why TWU is not the 'fugliest' building in Dallas   The Dallas Observer posted an article 10 days ago naming TWU’s Dallas campus one of the fugliest buildings in Dallas. More than just the childish game of naming “fugly” buildings in Dallas, the article is without substance. First off, the article begins with

Interview with SGA president

Madison Thompson, a graduate Occupational Therapy student, will represent TWU’s Dallas Student Government Association as President in the 2016-2017 school year. Thompson said: “I really like what SGA represents. I like that we’re a proponent for the students and we represent them. I like that we have the ability and the