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Mary Joyce Newsom Awards

Matt Olson, Copy Editor   Last Wednesday, the Houston campus played host to the annual Mary Joyce Newsom Award ceremony. Newsom was a highly respected occupational therapist who earned her Bachelor's of Science and Master's of Arts at TWU. The award is meant to honor students who have set themselves apart not

Presidential candidate pool overflows

Iowa caucus on February 1 will narrow down current multitude of party candidates leaving the front runners Emily Nickles, Editor-in-Chief Debates between popular presidential candidates have amassed major attention from the media and interest of citizens as the race tightens. The two major parties, republicans and democrats, seem to offer a narrow

Lasso Throwback: T-DUB 1916

Reporter takes a look back at campus 100 years ago Heather Hines, Reporter 100 years ago The Lasso had just passed its second birthday but still had much to say about TWU’s busy student body. Here’s a throwback to TWU in 1916 as captured by The Lasso. “First H. A. group leaves cottage” Jan.