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Students dealing with domestic violence, sexual abuse, stalking are not alone

Students dealing with domestic violence, sexual abuse, stalking are not alone

TWU has many resources available to students who have extenuating circumstances, and a new resource has just been created specifically for students who have are dealing with domestic violence, sexual assault or abuse and stalking.

The Student Life department is now providing a therapist, Regina Deleon, for students burdened by these particular issues. Deleon began her counseling services early this semester and has already had students flooding in for emotional support. Deleon is not part of the CAPS program, but she is part of the Family Therapy Program. According to Deleon, she is there for therapeutic intervention on behalf of TWU students. Associate Vice President of Student Enrichment, Health and Support Stephanie Brown said that Deleon is there for student advocacy as well.

Deleon is available for weekly therapy appointments for students who wish to come in and talk to her. If you would like to schedule an appointment, you can reach Deleon through her email at Her sessions are completely free of charge, and students have an unlimited amount of sessions available to them until Deleon feels they have been taken care of. Deleon is there for the support of students, but she will also make referrals to Denton County Friends of the Family, the TWU Student Health Clinic or even a mental health hospital if she feels it is needed. Deleon said that “in any capacity, it it’s outside of my scope, then I make those necessary referrals.” Brown added that Denton County Friends of the Family has a 24- hour crisis line for students who are in immediate danger. Students can call the crisis line at 940-382-7273.

Deleon said that in the couple of months that she has been here, she has seen so many students come into her office for support. She recognizes that students even just emailing her to get to that first step of reaching out to her is a big deal.

Deleon said “it takes a lot of courage, takes a lot of strength that these students are showing to seek help.”

Students should know they are not alone in this hard process of going through domestic violence, sexual abuse or stalking, and that there is a resource available to them so they can get the help and support they need.

As seen on page one of The Lasso Vol.104, Iss. No. 8, printed on March 7, 2018.

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