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Social work students raise money for domestic violence victims’ transportation

This is a reader-submitted story and is not the work of any Lasso staff members. It has beed edited for style and clarity.

Those who live in Texas know that having access to a car is of utmost importance.  In Denton County, it is difficult to get around without some sort of transportation. While public busses are available, they might not be the best option for a victim of domestic violence. Six students in the social work program at Texas Woman’s University worked together to raise money for Denton County Friends of the Family’s Driving to Safety.  

The students learned about the importance of less traceable transportation such as Uber. 

Audrey Easterling created a graphic on the student project and had her group share it on their social media. Some of the students were able to discuss the project with close friends and family members. The group also shared links to Denton County Friends of the Family’s website and donation tab. There, people could learn more about Denton County Friends of the Family and the services they provide. The group members shared Duluth’s Power and Control wheel as well as the Equality wheel to educate others.  They also encouraged others to donate to the organization. In total, they raised $55. Letters were also written for more funding for Uber rides. 

Some of the students felt that they might have overlooked the need for more confidential transportation before participating in this project. 

 “The project opened my eyes to the moving parts in assisting victims of domestic violence,” 

Rachel Tipsworld said. She also said she felt “great respect for these women and those who work with them.” 

Through this project, Julie Matkin valued “the importance of educating others on domestic violence and what it looks like in relationships.”

Being a part of this project piqued the interest of some of the students. 

“After working on this project, it only made my passion for working with women and children of domestic violence stronger,” Zoe Hinkle said.  She also expressed how wonderful she thought the agency was. 

“This project has given me more insight on this population and sparked my interest in the different ways we can advocate for victims,” Bailey Hinkle said.

Both Bailey and Zoe Hinkle expressed how they will work with a similar population in the near future. 

Laura Lopez felt encouraged by those in her personal life who were interested in the project and were willing to donate money to an important cause. She is proud of the women in her life who enjoy empowering other women.

 Overall, the students enjoyed working together to raise money for Denton County Friends of the Family and will keep this experience near and dear to their hearts. 

Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Lorenzo Cafaro.

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