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The silent battle: Our War with Carcinogens.


We all know our life is fragile. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. With that in mind, does that mean we should live ignorant of what harms us? Or should we consider and adapt to parts of our world around us that are carcinogenic to our bodies? 

What is a Carcinogen? 

The American Cancer Society defines a carcinogen as “substances and exposures that can lead to cancer.”  

Okay, tell me what is hurting me! 

Keep in mind that the volume of which a person is exposed to these factors, their body makeup and possible other problems such as immune deficiencies, sickness or other factors can play a part in exposure to a substance, which can then lead to cancer. 

With that being said, here is a few carcinogens listed by The International Agency of Research on Cancer (IARC): Caffeine, Tea, Fluorescent lighting, Coal dust and Chloroquine 

That is only a few, is there more? 

Sure, nearly thousands more things. Everyone knows tobacco causes cancer and so can overexposure to UV Radiation, but there is a whole a list of other not mentioned foods, drugs and contaminants that do just as much damage to our bodies. For a list, click here. 

I looked at the list, I cannot possibly avoid all of the things listed, can I? 

If you could, you probably would not be living any ordinary life. You would have to be out in the wilderness, and you could not eat any of the plants that contain chemical compounds that wreak havoc on our blood. 

 What do you suggest? 

Eat healthy and be healthy as much as you can. Everyone loves their caffeinated drinks and an alcoholic beverage now and then, but it should be something you keep in balance. The body is amazing at self-repair and fighting off sickness; it just needs you to give it enough good rounds mixed in the ammo box to fire with.

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