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The Sidewalk Cafe: homestyle cookin’

As you walk in, you’re instantly hit with the sweet smell of homemade pies and coffee. The staff gives you a warm “hello” and sits you down at a table. The blue walls give a very calming feel. The Sidewalk Cafe offers you the most welcoming feel right from the start.

As soon as I sat down, this little cafe immediately stood out from most chain cafes. Chalkboards with handwritten specials covered an area while mini pies filled a fridge.

The Sidewalk Cafe offers breakfast all day, including special pancakes that smell just like a sweet cake. The salads are anything but mere greens— they’re huge and offer so many options on the menu—it was hard to choose just one thing.

I decided on Breakfast Combo #3: two blueberry pancakes, two pieces of bacon, two sunny-side-up eggs and fried potatoes. This breakfast for dinner was perfect. The bacon was nicely cooked and had the perfect crunch, in my opinion. The pancakes were so sweet and filled with blueberries. The potatoes paired with the runny eggs perfectly. It was the balanced amount of sweet and savory.

The full salads are the size of a small pizza. The Southwest Fiesta Salad comes with lettuce, grilled chicken, tortilla strips, corn, cheese and your choice of dressing. This salad was not your average salad.

The prices at Sidewalk Cafe are very fair, and you get more than enough food for your buck. Service was very quick, and my drink was never close to being empty. Every staff member in the building had a smile on their face and spoke with such a nice tone. There is an extra add-on to the cafe, The Bistro Room, which can be used for any event. The room can hold 50 people and will even help you coordinate a DJ or florist for your event.

This little cafe is located off Wind River Lane and is facing a sidewalk, making the name very fitting. If you’re looking for fresh, home-cooked foods, The Sidewalk Cafe is the place to eat. While there, be sure to try the pies—they’re adorably cute and taste out of this world.

Photo by Jordan Funk / The Lasso

As seen on page three of The Lasso, Vol. 104, Iss. No. 8, printed on March 7, 2018.

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