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Scary letters lead to academic inadequacy

People of the world are developing anxiety and fears over situations that should not create these feelings. Almost everything around the world seems to generate some form of negative response from people all over.

Recently, I read an article about students having a fear of capital letters. Apparently, these big, bold, scary letters can generate fear unlike any other font. Personally, I think the “Raven Song” font is the scariest one. Be careful looking it up, you might let out a yelp of horror.

Leeds Trinity University in the United Kingdom has put a ban on professors using all capital letters, for the sake of the sensitive students. The university has even banned the overuse of the words “do” and “don’t”. These words and lettering can add anxiety to a student’s work load, according to the university. Because of this irrational fear of fonts and words, the students’ academic success could be at risk. Apparently, the university feels that bold, upper-case words are what make students not perform well or attempt assignments.

These past four years, I thought I was performing badly because I pulled an all-nighter on Fry or did not study until five minutes before an exam. Turns out, it is because the professors are putting scary fonts on our assignments.

 Although anxiety is a real issue that many students face daily, I am not fully understanding the scariness of how a professor writes a document. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones who does not suffer from this type of font anxiety.

 If a student does suffer with anxiety, TWU CAPS has great programs for those who need a little push in the right direction.


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