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Scary Fun at The Parker House

With Halloween just around the corner, there is a place here in Denton that is scary enough for you to check out if you are looking for some terror – The Parker House.


What is so special about Parker’s house?

Well, it used to be an old-fashioned funeral home before the 1940’s that families used to store deceased loved ones. Because the capability to store a body in cold conditions did not exist yet, people often guarded these bodies from critters until the families could arrive. This was called “the wake.” Before The Parker House was coined, it had once been The Parker’s Funeral Home.


Okay, why is that scary?

According to their website, the story goes that Mary, the daughter of Old Man parker, lost her sensitivity to human life. After competitors in the funeral home business moved into town, Mary began removing and selling the organs of the deceased to salvage her business. The town eventually helped her by supplying fresh dead corpses. But even that was not enough, so Mary resorted to the next chilling action: she lured live victims there.


What happened next?

One of Mary’s victims lured to the house managed to escape and tell the police. After a raid, Mary was arrested, and the house was put up for sale. Twenty years later, the house was purchased and The Parker House was reopened for business.


The Parker House

Come and meet Mary and the other residents in the newly operating Parker House. General admissions tickets are $25 and the Fast Scare Pass is $40. For more information about group rates, visit their ticket purchase portion of their website here. The Parker House is open for visits at varying dates, so make sure you check their calendar here before you plan an event with your friends.

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