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Sans in Smash is the ultimate underdog win

The story of Undertale is a zero-to-hero story, if ever there was one.

Undertale, if you didn’t know, is an indie game from 2015. It was made almost exclusively by one person, Toby Fox, with others contributing small parts. The game was funded on Kickstarter, with 2,398 people funding its creation for $51,124. 

And recently, one of the characters from this little game, Sans, has been announced as a fighter skin for one of the largest games on the Switch, Super Smash Brothers.

The idea of Sans being announced as a character in Smash Brothers has been a joke on the internet for a while, ever since Undertale came to the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s current console. And that alone is impressive— Undertale went from being a small PC game made almost entirely by one person to making the jump to consoles. That’s no easy feat.

The fact that a character from Undertale made it into a mainstream Triple A Nintendo game is even more impressive. Characters in Smash Brothers are almost always well-known characters from very famous games— such as Link from the Legend of Zelda series, Mario and Samus from Metroid. To be invited to have one of your characters join is, without a doubt, a very big deal.

Undertale, upon its release, garnered massive critical acclaim from both professional critics and the normal audience. Undertale took the internet by storm, becoming practically an overnight success that surprised even the game’s creator. Even today, the game’s influence is clearly felt on the Internet, in references and fan tributes.

Today, Fox is working on a sequel of sorts to the game, called Deltarune. 

Fox is living the dream. What started as a one-man passion project has grown and evolved into something so many people love and appreciate and has become so famous as to be noticed and acknowledged by a massive company like Nintendo. Fox himself has found plenty of success off the game— the indie developer still works on his own games but is additionally working with Game Freak composing the soundtrack for their new game, Little Town Hero.

You may know the name Game Freak as the primary developer of the Pokémon series.

Whether you love or hate Undertale, seeing how far both it and Fox have come in just a few short years is, without a doubt, inspirational. The entire story is one of rising from modest beginnings to create something amazing. And though the level of success may at times seem daunting even to Fox, the game has touched the hearts of people around the world and become an important part of pop culture. If you’re interested in following Fox’s game development career, updates can be found on his official Twitter.

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