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Remembering Dr. Jeffrey Robb


On August 3, Dr. Jeffrey Robb unexpectedly passed away.  

A professor of Government here at TWU, Robb distinguished himself throughout his career. Robb joined our family here at TWU in the Department of History and Government in ‘94. He was the Director of Legal Studies and advised pre-law students. He received TWU’s “Distinction in Service” award for his many contributions.  

Most recently, he devoted his time to the Dr. Bettye Meyers Butterfly Garden in an effort to rejuvenate the pollinator populations.  

I only knew Dr. Robb as my Government advisor for my minor, and my first interaction with him was one of the most unique interactions I’ve had with a professor. Robb answered every question I had before I could ask it, and he even printed a list of every Government course available for me to take over the summer. He asked if I was interested in law, and spoke excitedly about all the options I had in choosing courses as a government minor. There could not be a better ambassador for his department.  

As my teacher, Robb was kind, understanding and enthusiastic. He coupled his business law course with a novel that illustrated the amount of injustice that can be found in the justice system; he sought to arm us to make a difference ourselves. I imagine the sheer amount of money he may have lost in dispensing free legal advice to students was substantial. There was no question he wasn’t willing to answer.  

Robb was a kind and wonderful person and an outstanding educator. I had only known him for three months of his 23 years here at TWU, so I can only imagine the number of lives he touched when I extrapolate my meager three months out to the whole of every student he encountered.  

I will miss his guidance and his support, and I will think about him when I receive my degree. I would like to extend my sympathies to his family and thank them for sharing him with us. We are all better for it. Thank you Dr. Robb. 

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  1. Robin Orlowski Robin Orlowski September 13, 2017

    I had taken several government classes with Dr. Robb. I am now finishing up my long-delayed paralegal studies certification in Austin Texas. I genuinely enjoyed Dr. Robb’s enthusiasm not just for the specific academic material but for our own individual achievements. He wanted us to do something with ourselves and be something in life. Thank you so much for impacting my life.

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