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Political science major elected as new student regent

The 2022-2023 school year marks new beginnings and a new student regent at Texas Woman’s University, and Lily Wilson is the new face of the job. 

Lily Wilson is from Rockwall, Texas, and is studying political science, hoping to attend law school in the future. She has a very close relationship with her parents and her siblings, and endlessly describes them as loving and supportive. 

“They’re the best, they’ve really supported me through everything that I’ve ever done.” Wilson said. “Anything I’ve wanted to do they were there regardless of money and time.” 

Wilson vocalizes that she never considered herself a leader prior to going through the application process. She says she is constantly keeping tabs on her email address and when the student regent interest email was sent out, she saw it as an opportunity to set out of her comfort zone and become a more well-rounded individual. 

“I really wanted to do it because I knew that would challenge me,” Wilson said. “Luckily for me, I got it and it’s been crazy but I’ve loved it and it’s challenging but it really is teaching me how to be a leader and a good one.” 

The process was lengthy and nerve-wracking for Wilson. She states that while the wait was very consuming, her interview with the governor’s office was a unique and noteworthy experience. Wilson said it was clear the interview was not a task to take lightly. 

“I knew I was going to be challenged,” Wilson said. “He asked about a lot of hot topics and things that are important to me. I knew he was going to challenge me and just being so nervous but also knowing that I just had to do my best to tell him what I think and what I feel.”

Wilson’s plans for TWU are extensive, but after much deliberation and counsel, she decided that she wanted her legacy to reflect her time at TWU, she said. Wilson is a softball player, and she said that sports have always been a part of her and she wants her time at TWU to reflect that.

Wilson spoke to the different sports teams at TWU in order to design a plan to sustain the athletics program. The plan would implement a $12 per credit hour ranging to a $180 max fee to all TWU students, designed to free up the money already used towards the athletics department for other resources. 

“Each student regent has their own thing, their own legacy that they leave behind. Since I play softball here, it really made sense that my thing would be the athletic fee, so that was something that was gifted to me and it’s something I’ve run with ever since.” Wilson said. “ I think it would be huge for the university and to have my name as someone who helped push that across, and I just think that would be amazing for the future of kids that come here.”

Overall, Wilson is excited about her new opportunities and leadership position and is excited about everything that will come out of the 2022-2023 academic year, she said. She is looking forward to deepening relationships with faculty and expanding the reach she has with TWU students. 

“Whatever I can do to help students, as I’ve gone around and talked with different groups and different people, I’ve really tried to let them know if there’s anything they ever need that’s what I am here for,” Wilson said. “I want to be out there and I want them to know that.” 

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