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Podcasts All College Students Should Listen To

College students can easily get caught up in a pattern of studying, studying and studying, but to break the monotonous routine and shake up the way you look at the world around you, listening to podcasts can be an easy way to relax while still staying engaged and updated in today’s society. Here are some of The Lasso’s top suggestions for podcasts.

“TED Radio Hour:” College students who are fans of the famous TED Talks can now enjoy a similar short podcast that explores new inventions, ways of thinking and the impressive stories of individuals from around the world. Listeners are treated to host Guy Raz’s interviews with guests who discuss a large range of topics.

“Politics and Reality Radio:” In an hour long show, this podcast discusses the most recent U. S. political events in detail. For a student who wishes to stay updated and informed, this podcast allows students a chance to hear multiple opinions about controversial political moves from knowledgeable individuals. Joshua Holland hosts the podcast by himself, but in every episode, brings in multiple individuals ranging from reporters, Yale professors, historians and government officials to discuss that week’s hot topic.

“Don’t Keep Your Day Job:” Anyone aspiring to be something more than your run-of-the-mill employee after graduating college can find inspiration from this podcast. Hosted by Cathy Heller, the relatively new podcast encourages people of all ages to chase their dreams. Students especially should be able to connect with this podcast and find courage and motivation to make doing what they love a way to make money in the world.

“Everyday Emergencies:” Students who are earning degrees in the health field and are curious about humanitarian efforts made in the medical field to bring medicinal care to people in third world countries and refugees can listen to this podcast by Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders. “Everyday Emergencies” tells the firsthand accounts of health professionals working for MSF, students considering a similar field of work can gleam insight from this podcast and learn more about humanitarian aid.

“How To Do Everything:” College seems to be a place where students are quickly dumped on their butt and told to fend for themselves. For students who wish they could have a little more direction in the world, “How To Do Everything” answers some of your most obscure questions about the world around you. Two friends who seem to have a “bromance” host the show where they answer questions listeners have asked them after performing their own experiments and seeking a professional’s opinion.

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