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Physical Therapy doctoral student is an avid runner

Running in the Sugar Land marathon, TWU Physical Therapy doctoral student Adam Saloom won the 26-mile race. The Lasso interviewed Saloom to get to know him.


Lasso: Why did you choose to come to school at TWU?

Saloom: “When I was applying to PT schools, almost every physical therapist that I talked to had something good to say about TWU regarding the DPT program, the alumni, etc.  With the TWU-Houston campus being in the heart of the Texas Medical Center and having family nearby, it made my decision easy.”


Lasso: How have your experiences been as a student at TWU?

Saloom: “From the first day of orientation, my experience at TWU has been a great one.  The DPT program has been really challenging but definitely rewarding.  I am in the Class of 2018, which consists of roughly 50 friends, classmates; a very close knit group.  Classmates and faculty alike work together to create an atmosphere that makes you want to be the best version of yourself.”


Lasso: How often do you participate in events like marathons?

Saloom:” I have only ran two marathons.  My first marathon was a trail marathon, while this most recent marathon was on the road.  I usually run in the 5k-10k range but hope to race the marathon again in the future.”


Lasso: How long do you train for marathons? How does that process look like for you?

Saloom: “I typically run about 60-70 miles per week.  Some days I’m waking up early to get a run in before class, other days I will wait until after class, or may run twice in a day going before and after class.  Up until a few years ago, running was always a priority to me.  PT school has definitely changed my priorities, but fortunately I’m still able to make time for running.”


Lasso: What other hobbies do you have?

Saloom: “Beyond studying and running, I love to spend time with my wife Megan and family.  I have picked up woodworking in the past few years and really enjoy the creativity that comes along with it. I also enjoy a good laugh with my friends Steven, Matt and Wes.”

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