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Overflowing on campus

One of the most common questions asked in the free speech area on Tuesday afternoons is “Have you ever heard of Overflow?” TWU students who attend Overflow can be found standing near a blue banner ready to invite passersby.

Overflow is a Christian ministry that provides roughly 500 students from TWU, UNT and other nearby colleges with a worship service and message every Tuesday night. It is a ministry of the First Baptist Church of Denton and is one of the only college ministries in Denton County.

Simply put by UNT alumni Zach Cunningham, the Associate College Pastor at First Baptist Church: “The purpose of Overflow is to equip college students to follow Jesus and make disciples of Jesus.”

Overflow offers a service every Tuesday night, but also offers students the ability to attend weekly “Equip” classes and communities. “Equip” classes are six different classes taught at First Baptist Church every Sunday to equip students with biblical knowledge. Communities are 23 different small groups led by student leaders on campuses, in coffee shops and apartments around Denton that discuss the Tuesday night service and delve deeper into its meaning and application. Overflow can be a life changing experience for some people, just like it was for Cunningham. Cunningham said: “I came one time and fell in love with it and I wanted to serve. I knew this college ministry was doing good and it could do a lot for me and other college students.”

Cunningham first attended Overflow as a student, then began serving as a student leader, then working for Overflow as an intern and now works for First Baptist Church as the Associate College Pastor.

Cunningham explained how the one year he served as a student leader changed his life: “God used that year to pretty much change my life. I didn’t want to do ministry, I wanted to be an accountant, I wanted to make a lot of money and live the American dream, but through that year of serving as a student leader God really convicted my heart that I was living for myself and not for him and I decided to do ministry.”

All people regardless of age or religion are invited to attend Overflow and will be eagerly welcomed. Cunningham said: “If you have been to Overflow once, a thousand times, or never before I would encourage you to come one more time, because that one more time could be the time God uses to change your life and see Jesus. And realize that through Jesus you can experience true joy, true happiness and salvation.”

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