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Online secret Santa



In a generation where we date, shop and even order food online, why not add holiday festivities to the list?

Traditional Secret Santa

The Secret Santa activities usually involve family members, friends or coworkers who draw names and secretely gift their assigned person with favorite foods, candies, drinks and trinkets over the course of a week or so.

A third party person is designated to deliver the goodies until the final day of the exchanges, where the Secret Santa is revealed as they deliver the last and the big finale presents. The amount spent on presents can vary, depending on the length and the guidelines set within the group, but they typically average around $30-40.

Online Secret Santa

There are a few websites that offer Secret Santa opportunities for groups that may be geographically spread out and otherwise may not be able to participate in traditional holiday festivities. The majority of the websites are free to the public. The list below does not contain all of the resources out there.


The Elfster is a one-stop-shop for those interested in going online for their Secret Santa. After creating an account, the group members fill in their wish lists, designate the exchange date (including if the gifts will be given at a party or through mail) and the system automatically assigns a Santa after the deadline date passes. The website also offers items to purchase, which are linked from various online stores.

Sneaky Santa

This website operates similarly to Elfster, only without the gallery of online stores to browse through. A group account is created and the members input gift ideas prior to the automated selection of a Santa.

Other sites with a similar setup:

Draw Names

Secret Santa Organizer

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