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No more vaccine appointments unless university receives more doses, admins say

*** Editor’s note: Isolation refers to somebody that has either been confirmed to have COVID-19 or is presumed to have COVID, while quarantine refers to anyone who has had exposure to a suspected person who either is confirmed or is presumed confirmed. ***

Texas Woman’s University is halting new appointments for COVID-19 vaccination unless the Denton campus gets more doses, according to an email students received last week.

Immediate household members of Texas Woman’s University staff and students who meet the Phase 1A and 1B eligibility requirements are now eligible to receive the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. All doses have currently been committed, but those who are eligible are still able to fill out the self-identification form and will be contacted if TWU receives more vaccinations. Those who have received their first dose the week of Jan. 4 are now able to receive their second dose the week of Feb. 1.

TWU is interested in receiving more vaccinations to give to the TWU community if the state provides them, but campus administrators don’t know when or if that might be, executive director of risk management Matt Moustakas said.

“It’s their call, and unfortunately they don’t give us a whole lot of advance warning in saying ‘Hey, we’re going to give you more later on,’ so we’re kind of at their mercy,” university spokesperson Matt Flores said. “It is very speculative on our part at this point.”

There are currently 15 people in isolation and 74 people in quarantine as of Tuesday after being exposed to COVID-19.

“That is slowly climbing since the break, but significantly below where we have been in the past,” Moustakas said. “That is not really a surprise, since no TWU folks have been around other TWU folks.”

Risk management is still looking for a company to provide on-campus testing, and there is no word on when testing will be able to be provided. Whenever testing is available, it will probably be open to the public, Moustakas said.

“We’re just trying to figure out the right balance for having others come on to campus and having a drive-thru testing that invites other people to drive on our campus or be on our campus, while still making a convenient option for employees and students,” Moustakas said. “But we have to find somebody that will do that for us.”

President Joe Biden’s administration and the CDC released new guidance on international travel in January, which could affect students who are planning on traveling over spring break.

“We are going to require anyone, students or employees, who travel internationally will have to report that to us,” Moustakas said. “Because the new rule is all international travel requires a 10-day quarantine, so even if you don’t have any known exposure during your travels, the CDC and the Biden administration, the executive order, is requiring you to be in quarantine for ten days.”

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Featured image courtesy of Michael Modecki/Texas Woman’s University.

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