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New Transit Tracker App Coming from DCTA


Nearly every student has experienced it: the rush to the bus stop.  

There is a certain frenzy that comes with relying on public transportation. “Do I have time to grab some food,” or “Do I have time to speak with my professor after class,” are just a few of the myriad of thoughts that run through a student’s mind as they rush to catch their ride to work, school or home. Thankfully, the Denton County Transportation Authority has a solution.  

On Monday, Sept. 18, the DCTA released its new Transit Tracker app, which will replace the Where’s My Ride tracking system that is currently in use. The app “will provide passengers with access to real-time information for the DCTA A-train, fixed-route bus and shuttle services,” according to the DCTA’s press release. Simply accessing the app will enable users to see the location of their bus, allow them to adjust their schedules and plan on the fly. In their press release, DCTA President Jim Cline stated “… the new system will allow us to better analyze schedule data, view route trends, access real-time data, and develop reports to improve operation efficiencies to enhance the passenger experience.” 

Passengers can receive this data by phone (940-243-0077), web, texting the stop ID to 64255 or the new Transit mobile app that will be available on Google Play and the Apple application store.  


Free rides on the A-train  

In addition to the Transit app, Denton passengers will be able to take the A-train from Medpark to the Downtown Denton Transit Center for free as a “promotional effort to support riders and their travel behaviors,” according to a separate press release. Commuters that take the A-train to TWU will have a little more money in their pocket as a result, and with the construction that is taking place in the commuter parking lot across from the Arts and Science Building, this promotion could not come at a better time.  

Download the app from your mobile store today and make your commute a little bit easier.  

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