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A New Kind of Picture Book

It’s probably safe to assume the last time a majority of TWU students picked up a book filled with pictures was probably in elementary school, excluding some of the TWU Interdisciplinary major students.

A new kind of picture book, “Humans of New York,” has found the perfect mixture of photography and personal experiences. Created by Brandon Stanton, and based on his Facebook page by the same name, Humans of New York aims to chronicle the people of New York City and their individual experiences in a never-before-seen way.

Humans of New York first started out as a photo blog chronicling experiences and individuals Stanton ran into while going through the streets of NYC. Soon enough, photos became portraits, exclusively, and in no time the individuals started sharing intimate memories and quotes with Stanton. The moments captured, along with the delightfully intimate quotes, soon took the internet by storm and the Humans of New York facebook page went viral.

Soon Stanton had amassed an excess of photos and stories which compelled him to compile the best photos and stories into “Humans of New York,” a book which eternalized the people of NYC – and their stories – in print.

The book itself features hundreds of picturesque moments, some with very few words to describe the scene and moments filled with pure intimacy for readers to peruse. Pictures of eclectic individuals fill the pages and draw you in as Stanton breaks, or strengthens any preconceived ideas you might have had about New Yorkers.

Currently, Stanton has started working on a web series that is speculated to contain even better captured moments of intimacy and wisdom on the streets of NYC; ranging from topics of time, home and relationships the episodes focus on aspects that many people never talk about. Whether through the book or the web series individuals will quickly find themselves inside a stranger’s life experiencing emotions in a way that some have never felt before. More information, pictures, stories and the actual web series can be found at

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